FAQ & Guidlines

Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Traders can benefit from trading directly from their PC/Desktop or on the go from their android or iOS devices.

Pay-outs / Withdrawals

Payouts are paid at the end of every month. All pay-outs as from May 1st 2022 will be via Crypto.

The first funded account pay-out comes at months end after the trader has completed 30 trading days. There-after at the end of each month.

All trades on our funded accounts are executed on real markets at our broker. If your trades make money the profit is real and held by the broker.  We want consistent traders because together we can make a profit.  From our perspective it is in our best interest to ensure you get your profits as this means you will continue to trade with us and ultimately that benefits us both long term.

To avoid any confusion, please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are simulated accounts with virtual funds. After a client becomes a Funded Trader, he/she is provided with login credentials to a simulated trading account, with a difference that the Funded Account is connected to our Proprietary Trading Firm's live trading account with real capital. That is how we generate real profits. This solution allows us to maintain a fluid process and gives us the freedom to manage risk properly without affecting your trade results.

Max' Loss

The Max Loss is the maximum that the starting account balance is allowed to drop below.

Accounts hitting the Loss allowances will be immediately closed.

Profit Share

This is the amount you are paid each month. Payouts are paid at the end of every month.

50% on the instant funding program.

Payouts will not affect the account balance For scaling up.

Scaling up

All accounts will scale up automatically

EG: 10k account

Double the account to 20k to receive 10k taking the account to 30k

Double the account to 60k & the account is doubled again to 120k

Subsequent scaling is on a 20/20 basis. Increase the account by 20% to receive a 20% increase in account balance. This continues to 1 million

Account size will still be increased regardless of withdrawals. Payouts will not affect the account balance For scaling up.

Overnight Trading

Overnight trading is permitted during the week and you can hold positions open over the weekends.

Trading Instruments

All FOREXecn pairs - Cash Indices 1 US30, US500 DE30 - XAUUSDecn

On the Instant Funding programs:  All Forex pairs, Crypto currencies, Stocks, Indices, and Metals.


NO Martingales.   Any trade in a losing position must not be added to with an additional trade of the same symbol.

NO arbitrage Fast Scalping or EA's that do not allow us to copy your trades.

No high frequency EA's and/or abuse of the market feed.
Be sure your trading is legitimate and conforms to the real market conditions and we can replicate your trades in our live capital accounts,
You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways: - tick scalping - latency arbitrage trading - reverse arbitrage trading - hedge arbitrage trading - or any use of emulators. It is a violation if this rule is broken. Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned and not refunded.

Our trade copier requires at least 30 secs' to efficiently copy trades due to broker difference latency.

Traders World-wide

I'm from the US, can I trade with your brokers?

Yes, anyone can trade with our brokers (given you are over the age of 18). We are the company and the trading accounts are in our name. Your account with us is in your name and you are a contractor/trader for our firm.