MAM Accounts

MAM stands for Multi-Account-Manager and is designed for fund and money managers to trade on behalf of multiple clients for a % of the profits.

Herat TTT we manage several segregated accounts under one account without the requirement to create a trading fund. All the accounts of clients are connected to the main account of broker and trades made are proportionally distributed among the clients.

The profit and loss too are distributed proportionally.

MAM Benefits

In our MAM accounts the fund manager 'TTT' get the authority to execute trading strategies.

The MAM platform is completely automated and so there is almost no risk of fraud using this method.

Benefits to investors include the ability to participate in the forex markets without the time commitment of active trading

Our MAM Account feature allows all investors to deposit and withdraw trading funds at any given time 

MAM stands for Multi-Account Manager. It's a technical software setup that allows for multiple client accounts to be automatically consolidated into a single, centralized terminal for the account manager to trade from. In our case, we use a single installation of the trading terminal program MetaTrader 4 (MT4) to trade each strategy. The MAM is set up on the broker's server, so allocation is instantaneous.

This solution fully automates the process of distributing profit/loss and trade volumes across all accounts, mostly removing the potential for human error with trading via multiple copies of MT4. When we enter a trade into our central MT4, it automatically executes the trade across all attached client accounts at the exact same time, opening trades at a size in proportion to the equity level of each account. So many of our trade entries and exits are incredibly time-critical, and each extra second saved can potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

Having your account managed by a professional trader is an entirely hands-off experience where the manager does all the work involved with trading the account. All of our trades are analyzed by our team and executed manually by our traders.

After the minimum investment period ends, we provide our clients with regular withdrawal windows to take out all or part of their capital and profits.

At any particular time, we have multiple positions open in the market, so we ask our clients for one weeks' notice of their intent to withdraw. This is so that we can safely settle positions and not jeopardize or sabotage existing and potential client profits.

How to invest
with MAM

Tapping into the potential of the markets without having to trade directly has never been easier. Invest your funds in the hands of expert money managers who trade for you and receive a percentage of the profits they earn.*

ZERO Fixed Management Fees

TTT charges ZERO fixed management fees. With performance only fees, we only benefit when your clients do. It's that simple, and it's that fair.

As a consequence, we are genuinely incentivised to preserve your capital. 

Moreover, we are also genuinely incentivised to grow your wealth rather than simply grow our funds under management.

Superior returns are impossible to achieve when managing large pools of money as the ability to be flexible, nimble and 'fly under the radar' are diminished. We are boutique by design and intend to stay that way.

Challenge Accounts

  • FTMO: We accept all FTMO challenge accounts
  • MyForexFunds: We accept evaluation program MFF accounts
  • The Prop Trading: We accept all TPT challenge accounts
  • E8 Funding: We accept all E8 challenge accounts